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“The Crawl”

“The Crawl” is a piece of speculative or climate fiction.

It takes place many years from now. Both Singapore and Malaysia are constantly being ravaged by rising sea levels and floods, and before the events of the story, The Great Floods of ’66 had caused thousands of Singaporeans and Malaysians living along the Strait of Johor to be displaced.

To solve this problem of displacement, trillionaire-developer, Datuk Eddie, proposed to build an all-clean, all-green floating city called Waternix.

But before it can be completed, he is murdered.

Left with the remnants of a failed floating city — a monstrosity made of scrap metal and driftwood the locals call the Crawl — Irina, the marine architect meant to design Waternix, is beginning to believe that it should remain exactly as it is. A real, living and breathing “floating city” that could help those left behind by climate change.

Or will she be proven wrong?

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Images courtesy of Pexel artists: Plato Terentev & Yaroslav Shuraev.